Interpret what you need, define the possible forms of intervention and execute them. We develop our own projects or participate in Strategic Alliances. Engineering, training and experience of people, together with the use of information technologies, are our strengths.


Interested in our professional activities having useful consequences in society. That most of them can be placed in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, in order to invest in social action, mainly with our own resources, it is very important to generate wealth, design ethical and transparent business lines. This is how Einsmer Business Designer was born in 1995.

We create young employment, while at the same time we recover senior people who have life and professional experience, with whom we can go so far.

Joan N. García-Nieto París
Antoni Vallés i Muntades


Of the most important of our strategic lines. Both in our organization and in society create models that allow recovering the experience of the elderly. Knowledge is transferred in infinite ways, however, experience as such, is not. There is only one effective mechanism, at this time, to do it: count on the people who have it. And this little act -see Generational Pact program-, in appearance, is really a great act with important social and economic consequences in our current model of society. An action that can change everything.

Broad challenges: Manage knowledge in organizations, but also experience; consider it one of our most important business assets - above intangibles, people. And it will be easier when it can be quantified.


IN 1997

Einsmer acquires Can Camprubí thanks to the will of its owner Ciprià Camprubí Domingo, and initiates an important consolidation reform. Technical studies will confirm that this providential intervention prevented its imminent collapse due to structural damage, accumulated since the date of its construction, in 1927.

Josep Maria Jujol Jr., Director of the Jujol Arxiu and first-born of the Architect Josep Maria Jujol, becomes our main inspiration during the reform, up to the present. An admirable, tireless guardian and pedagogue of the Jujol Work.


Then becomes a Center for Research and Innovation in social technologies, studies and projects of local development and as a center for Occupational Training and Higher Education in cooperation with the Institute of Education Sciences or the Chair of Business Organization of the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona) among other institutions.

Jujol Jr. and Josep Mª


years of the 20th century and the period between the Wars, the Camprubí family was mainly dedicated to obtaining roses, designing and managing gardens, such as the current AGBAR museum. Standing out, with a recognized international prestige, together with the Dot Family.


Einsmer and all the people who participate in this entrepreneurial project, we have had the opportunity to capitalize on this "Camrubí spirit": Contribute to making a better world, working with the utmost will, in any of our initiatives and their small details.

Cebrià Camprubí Nadal