Juga Verd Play

Transfer to society: Values in pre-school education

Descripció Projecte

  • Poblacions participants: 22 municipis del Baix Llobregat
  • Centres escolars participants: 68 escoles, 29 instituts i 16 concertats
  • Esports en equip: 9 esports diferents
  • Inici projecte: 2013
  • Dades temporada 16/17: Veure document (PDF)
  • Projecte Europeu: Greenplay
Juga Verd Play

Juga Verd Play

Play Fair, play in values

Through a strategic Alliance, EINSMER supports the Baix Llobregat Sports Council to develop a revolutionary model of sports school competition.

The proposal seeks a paradigm shift since now, the mission is to educate in civic and social values through school-age sport. The Sports Council bases this purpose on 3 main pillars:

  • Personal values must count on the final result, not only win a match according to their classical rules.
  • Effective and real involvement of all participating players according to their roles: family, technicians, game makers, players, all spectators.
  • Modify the competition format to 10 points. The distribution of these points combines values with competition. Hence, the implication of EINSMER in the definition of logical processes, using information technology, to make this challenge of participation possible.